Follow Advice From Women

Ask advice from your female friends.  Tell her you are doing your best to be a good guy and really need a women’s perspective. 

This advice is invaluable.  

I am blessed to have many platonic girlfriends in my life.  These women guide me in countless ways.  The perspective they have on business, fashion, health, dining, etc is often quite different than my own.  There is a saying that goes, “Minds are like parachutes, they only function when open.”  I find that gaining input from a perspective other than my own is incredibly helpful in creating myself as a well rounded individual.

Another benefit of following advice from women is that it is good practice in listening to women and following through with their guidance.  If you aim to be a decent lover, you first need to learn to listen to women.  The simple practice of following a woman’s advice on where to get a good burger can lead to a greater understanding of how women operate, what is important to them, and ultimately how to help fulfill their needs.  Plus, it creates a dynamic where it is your modus operandi to consider women, and women sense this.

When ladies recognize you as someone who values their advice, they are much more apt to dispense good advice.  No one likes to cast pearls before swine, and your lady friends are no different. 

When it comes to relationship advice, your girlfriends are your best friends.  A woman knows how a woman operates on a much deeper level than we can ever hope for.  They sense things that we totally miss.

There is no way I can stress enough the importance of seeking and following the advice of women, especially when it comes to dealing with other women.  The perspective they have is unparalleled and if we can gain access to this perspective, it is as though we gain a super power. 

Another note on this subject is the fact that women talk to each other.  Just the same way that you look out for your bros, ladies look out for their gals.  You gain a major leg up in the hook up process if all the girlfriends of the chick you are trying to mack on love you.  If you are known as a guy who actually listens, actually cares, actually follows through, and is generally a good guy, you have a major lead against some random dude. 

The bottom line is that it’s all about women feeling safe with you.  When she feels safe she relaxes, when she relaxes she softens and opens up.  This is good for every one.  When her girlfriends already love you and she can tell you are listening to her, things are already headed in the right direction. 

One of the most difficult things as a man is to figure out what a women is actually wanting at any given moment.  By practicing listening to women, the experience we gain really helps us to tune in to what she is saying, and determine what she is actually saying.  We learn how to ask questions which lead to the answers we seek.


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