Broken Condoms

Broken condoms, the morning after, follow up, and follow through.

Like it or not, condoms are part of sex with casual or multiple partners.  As amazing as these little devices are, sometimes they break.  

If you are fucking and all of a sudden it feels really good, like dramatically more sensation on your cock, check the rubber to be sure it didn’t break.  If it did don’t be an asshole, pull out, say something, and put on another rubber.  

If you accidentilly bust a nut up in some chick, recognize the potential consequences of this and man up.  The women now has to deal with the, ahem, clean up, and this is an opportunity to show what kind of guy you are.  

Offer to pay for the morning after pill.  Offer to go to the pharmacy and pick it up for her.  These little fuckers are expensive and do not feel good to take.  She is the one taking the pill, the least you can do is offer to go to the store and buy it for her.  

Call her to check in the next day.  This does not imply she is your girlfriend now.  It implies that she is your friend and you actually give a shit about her well being.  If you don’t care about her in the first place, your dick shouldn’t be inside of her, but that is another chapter.  Sometimes the morning after pill can make a woman feel sick.  If you act like a decent human being and check in, it comforts her and shows her that she made a reasonable decision by letting you enter her.  It is better to feel a little sick and supported, than sick and like she made a mistake by fucking some ass hat.

If a condom breaks and you try to pretend like nothing happened, you are acting like a total douche bag and the whole point of this guidebook is to avoid such behaviors.  Seriously, man up and everything will be much better for you.


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