Dick Picks

In general, women do not want to receive a photo of your cock.  Occasionally they do but, not usually.  Of course there’s a right time for everything.  In general the answer to, “Should I send a dick pic?” is “No!”

Men are more visually stimulated creatures than women.  We also tend to be obsessed with our dicks.  Women tend to be more emotionally stimulated creatures, plus they are not nearly as obsessed with our dicks.

Several ladies have told me, “the only pleasure I get from a dick pic is laughing at it with my girlfriends.”  Generally that is not the intended result.

First of all, do not send a dick pic out of the blue to a prospective lover.  Send her flowers, a note expressing interest, a picture with your face, a cute or funny quip, ask her about her day.  Solicit engagement.  Let her know you actually care about her and are interested in connecting in a real way.  Show you are interested in meeting her needs by discovering what they are. Sending a dick pic is an aggressive move, and unless she wants to see it right then, it can really turn her off.

I just read somewhere that it takes men ten minutes to want sex and women twenty.  If you hold off for thirty, she wants you for ten.  Wanting is important.  Allow space for you to be desired.

If she hasn’t seen your dick yet, consider the circumstances surrounding her first experience seeing it.  Do you really want your dick to be associated with her drive to work?  How about dinner with her grandma or the line at the DMV?  Your penis is sacred, treat it as such. Only reveal the dick when it is really appropriate. 

If the lady is someone you already have sex with, she knows what your dick looks like and doesn’t need a picture to imagine it.  When your dick is in her she doesn’t see it, she feels it.  The goal is for her to tap in to that feeling, and a dick pic isn’t usually the best way to do that.  Keywords can actually be more stimulating than a photo.

Before you send it, be sure she wants it.  If she asks for a dick pic out of the blue, tell her no, not until the time feels right.  Make her work for it.  It will be better for both of you.

If she is texting you pictures of herself masturbating, telling you she wants your cock, that may be an appropriate time.  If she is telling you how wet she is touching herself and thinking of you, that may be an appropriate time.  If she just sent you a close up shot of her pussy… bingo, send the dick pic.

Sexting can be fun.  Texting each other live action shots can be very stimulating.  Especially when it is a back and forth thing you are doing together.

When you do send the dick pic, make sure it is a flattering image.  Use light filters and good lighting.  One method is to use an abstract image.  Something that hints at your dick, but shows it indirectly, such as a hard on through underwear.  Remember fellas, foreplay is important.  If you do send a photo of bare exposed cock, consider having something in the image to show size perspective.  Your hand will do.  The whole point of sending a dick pic is usually because you want her to touch you there.  If your dick is tiny, she would find out eventually anyway.  

If you are not sure if you should send a dick pic, the answer is no.  99% of the time, resist the urge to send dick pics.  If they are not warmly welcome, they are worse than wasted.  Find other ways to flirt.  Mirriam-Webster defines flirting as: “to come close to reaching or experiencing something.”  Be less overt and more tempting.  Reel her in.  

If after all this, you are going to send a dick pick, here is a helpful tutorial:



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