Dick Size

We’ve all heard it before, size isn’t everything.  Well, It’s true.

It’s definitely true that plenty of women are size queens.  It is also true that different women have different preferences.

I have a friend who is a total casanova.  We will call him Sam.  Sam’s had issues of so many women wanting him that it became uncomfortable, especially when the ladies are the wives and girlfriends of his buddies!  Sam is a pudgy guy with some health issues, but he is a super nice guy.  He is such a nice guy that even the husbands and boyfriends of these wanton ladies all told their gals they could fuck him if they wanted, but Sam tends to steer clear of these committed gals, because he can choose essentially any woman he wants.  One day I was changing in the locker room at the spa talking to Sam and saw his tiny dick!  I never would have expected that all these ladies were clamoring for his teeny weenie!

Sam is a good friend of mine and expressed being shy and uncomfortable about his tiny penis, but none of the women seem to care.  He has been with plenty of women over the years, and he has left them all satisfied (at least the ones I’ve talked too.)

The thing about Sam is that he is incredibly attentive.  He is a super nice guy and everyone loves him. He is extremely honest.  He has a healthy relationship with his mother.  He just knows how to put people at ease.  Sam pays attention to women in a way that makes them feel special, adored, cared for, and generally tended to.  He’s short, his house is a mess, he has a big belly, a small dick, and is widely known as a master lover. 

By the way, I’ve been told Sam eats pussy like no one’s business.  I also had one of his lovers tell me he could literally make her cum by just looking at her the right way and barely touching her arm.  The dude is some sort of Jedi master lover, regardless of the size of his light saber.

I have another friend who has the biggest dick I’ve ever seen.  The thing is fucking intimidating.  We were at a nude beach together one time and I couldn’t believe the size of the anaconda between his legs.  He is also miserable.  He hasn’t been with a woman in years.  His job sucks, his apartment sucks, and he generally tends to be slightly awkward around women.  I always tell him, “Dude, you have a huge cock.  Find a way to get more comfortable with yourself.  Get out there and bless some women with your magic wand.”  He never does.  Probably never will.

I’ve heard plenty of times from plenty of women that size matters and that size is important.  I’ve heard that too big is too much and too small is too little.  What I’ve heard more than anything is that what makes a guy a great lover is not about the size of his johnson, it is about almost everything else. 

There is a common problem among men where they act like their cock is god’s gift to women, and it just isn’t.  If you have a big dick but you are a big dick, you just aren’t going to satisfy anyone. 

There are definite benefits to having a big dick.  A big tool is only useful though if you know how to use it.  There are also benefits to having a small dick.  For example, dudes with small dicks get to fuck girls in the ass ten times more often than their big dicked buddies. 

The bottom line is, don’t worry about the size of your dick.  Rather than obsessing over your own appendage, spend your time focusing on how to actually tend to and please a woman. 

As the late Popcorn Sutten used to say: “I have a two inch dick and a nine inch tongue and I know how to use both of them.”


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