Homosexual Friends

As a heterosexual male, you seriously need homosexual friends.  Both men and women.

Let’s go over a few reasons you need some gay friends. 

First of all, look at your appearance and then look at your gay friends.  Gay dudes tend to have awesome style.  Many of my gay friends have the nicest shoes, clothes, hair, and general grooming habits.  These guys tend to keep their homes beautifully, drive nice cars, and generally have it going on.  In this world it helps to be visually appealing, it is sure nice to have a friend to pull you aside and give you a bit of a makeover. 

We discuss in another chapter the importance of having platonic women friends.  Gay guys are the masters of having chicks as friends.  They aren’t even trying to fuck these girls at all.  They actually genuinely enjoy their company and are friends with them because they like them as people!  Simply witnessing these beautiful friendships can teach you a lot about how to be friends with women without trying to stick your dick in them. 

There is something quite sexy about a man who is secure in his masculinity and nothing shows you are secure in your masculinity like being a straight dude who is totally comfortable hanging around with a bunch of faggot friends. 

Homosexuality isn’t a disease.  You aren’t going to catch being gay from hanging around with gay guys.  If you fuck your male friends, it is because you are and always have been gay.  It is totally ok and there is nothing wrong with it at all.  This is the modern world.  Get over any latent homophobia you may be harboring and make some gay friends. 

By the way, I believe hetero/homosexuality is not a black and white situation.  Most people however straight have a little gayness in them, and vice versa.  Homosexuality is not a disease, homophobia is.  Get over yourself and enjoy your life.  Anyone who gives a shit whether someone is gay or not needs to grow up and move on to more important issues.  I have no interest in ever having a dick in my mouth, but it is none of my business who you are hooking up with unless you are me or my lover. 

If you have never been to a primarily gay event, you are missing out on seriously good times.  There is no more fabulous parade than a gay pride parade.  I am not telling you to suck a dick, I am just advising you let go of your fears and get out there and enjoy all the magnificence life has to offer.

Homosexuality just wouldn’t be complete without lesbians.

Lesbians are some of your greatest allies.  Lesbians have the unique perspective of both being women and having sexual and/or romantic relationships with women.  This unique perspective is very helpful to you and your process of enjoying relationships with women.

It was a lesbian who told me to keep my fingernails trimmed if I plan on touching pussy.  So simple, so true. 

Lesbians know what it is like to seduce a woman, and to be seduced as a woman.  She knows how to touch a woman in ways that we as men will never know. 

It is super fun to pal around with a gal you check out women with.  She can be your best wingman ever.  it can be really helpful when approaching a women you’ve never met to have a female friend with you.  It can be really fun for the new girl when both of you are flirting with her.  You can be mutually supportive of each other seeking female companionship, compare notes, and feed off each other’s energy.  Fun stuff. 

As far as not being a total idiot, which is the premise of this book, recognize that lesbians, just like anyone else, really are not fond of unwelcome advances.  Please be respectful of homosexual females just as any females. 

When I started writing this book, I had a request to write about “How to appropriately react, treat, and be-friend beautiful women who are in a healthy committed relationship with each other.”  Honestly, it is just like being friends with any other women in a committed relationship.  You wouldn’t ask to watch an opposite sex couple make out, so don’t ask a same sex couple to do it.  You wouldn’t hit on your buddy’s wife, so don’t.


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