How to not be shit in the sack

I have had several requests from women for a chapter on this.  We all love getting laid, so it makes sense to not suck at sex.

If a woman is totally satisfied by sex with you, the chance she will want sex with you again is greatly increased.

Foreplay is important.  I have been told countless times that foreplay is absolutely imperative.  I have heard women say if a dude has a tiny cock but is great at foreplay she will go back for more.  I’ve also heard women say, “So and so has a huge dick, but the reason he is a great lover is because he is so great at foreplay.” 

Learn how to eat pussy.  I am not going to go in to it here.  There is plenty of information available on the subject.  Read a book, an article on the internet, ask ladies what they like.  Lesbians are total experts on the subject.  Figure out a way to figure it out.

Slow down.  Jackhammering is widely known as synonymous with a shitty lay.  Ease in to things.  Feel her.  Listen to her breath.  Play just the tip.  Tease her.  Go slow.  Pause, breathe, back out, ease in.  By simply slowing down, a whole world of sensation is revealed, a whole new  level of joy can be experienced by both of you. 

Fuck with heart.  Hold her like you care about her.  Sex is powerful stuff and has the tendency to create powerful bonds.  When you love a woman, fuck her with all the love in your soul.  Do your best to love her like she deserves to be loved.

Explore her body.  Get to know her, every time.  Trace her form softly with your fingertips.  Run your hands over her body.  Caress her.  Kiss her all over, and I mean all over. 

Learn how to touch.  Take a massage class.  A simple weekend massage class will work wonders toward giving you the magic touch.  A woman is so much more than tits, ass, and a pussy.  A big part of pleasing a woman is helping her relax.  If your touch helps her relax, you are already half way there. 

Last longer.  Learn a thing or two about semen retention.  One of the best ways to have more sex is to simply have sex for longer while it is already happening.  Having sex for 45 minutes is nine times as much sex as having sex for five minutes. The simplest way to last longer is to breathe, relax, slow down, and enjoy.  Slow down your breath, relax your buttocks, feel your body beyond your pecker.  Pause if necessary, and then continue.  Again, do a bit of research on the subject.  There are so many tips and tricks available.  When you beat off, practice holding off on busting a load.  See if you can make it to the end of your porno without jizzing.  Practice lasting longer.  Remember, practice makes perverts. 

When a man cums, he is generally done for a while, when a woman cums, she is generally opening the gateway to more orgasms.  Every woman deserves multiple orgasms.  Help her achieve them.  She will show her appreciation.  It feels so good to be inside of a woman while she is cumming.  If pleasing the woman is not your goal, you are seriously missing the boat. 


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