Punctuality is sexy.

Make a point to be on time.  Nothing says “I don’t value you” like making a lady wait for your late ass.

Agreeing to a time to meet someone is an agreement.  Showing up on time is honoring that agreement.  It sets a precedent that you value the other person’s time, your own time, and honor agreements.  Honoring agreements is crucial in relationships of any kind.   

In general, I recommend only making agreements that can be honored.  If an agreement is proposed and you feel like it won’t work, say so.  Rather than planning two hours of stuff in one hour, give yourself an extra hour or do less stuff. 

Time has been one of the more difficult ones for me.  I have a history of poor time management and have so much going on that it can be difficult to fit everything in my schedule.  Because of this, I like to make time windows rather than pinpoint times to meet.  I often say something like, “I can pick you up between 5:00 and 6:00.”  I make a point to be there by 5:00, but if I don’t get there until 6:00 it is ok.  If she isn’t ready right at 5:00 it’s ok too.  It keeps things a little less constricted for both parties.  Of course sometimes a pinpoint time is necessary, so I aim to be early.  If I manage to pull off being early, I can use my extra time to pick up flowers, roll a doobie for later, pick up some snacks for our adventure, fix my mustache, or generally prepare further for our date in some way.  I can also find parking, respond to emails, or whatever else, while I wait.

Call if you are running late.  Things come up, jobs run late, traffic accidents block the freeway, shit happens.  As soon as you realize you may be running even a little late, pick up your phone and let her know your situation.  If she knows you are running 30 minutes late, she can plan accordingly.


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