Quality Over Quantity

Only fuck chicks you actually like.

It blows my mind that this chapter even needs to be written, however, it does.

Seriously bro, if you aren’t in to her, don’t try to get in her.

The act of sex is very intimate, very deep, very profound.  The connections are deep and real.  Sex is a wonderful way to connect on tremendously deep levels, very quickly.  As such, it is quite vulnerable for every one involved.

Sex is super fun.  I am really in to it and have plenty of it, with a lovely variety of wonderfully delightful ladies, all of whom I love very much. 

I have a lovely daughter whom I love dearly and am quite grateful for.  Her mother, as much as I love her, has programmed a ton of shit in to my life.  We had an eight year custody battle, and have endured quite a lot of bullshit in the 21 years since we fucked.  One big thing I’ve learned from the situation is just how far things can go from the simple act of getting my dick wet. 

Sex is great and wonderful to take lightly.  I find it is even better to take it deeper, literally and figuratively. 

My general rule of thumb is to only have sex with someone I am interested in connecting deeper with.  I’ve heard it said, “only have sex with someone you would want to be.”  We tend to become more like the people we spend time with.  Since we know we pick up mannerisms of folks we hang around, we can only imagine how much we would take on the mannerisms of someone we intentionally merge with. 

Next time you are considering sticking your dick in someone, consider the consequences.  Is this someone who inspires you?  Is she not only hot, but smart and funny too?  Can you trust her?

Trust is important.  One time I was spending quality time with a beautiful woman.  When I went to unbutton her jeans when she said, “Wait.  I have herpes and currently have a breakout.”  She teared up a bit as this was not something she is proud of.  I thanked her for her honesty and held her close.  We ended up talking and cuddling through the night and had a really lovely time connecting in a beautiful way, which is ultimately all any of us are looking for anyway.  She didn’t have to say anything.  She could have kept her mouth shut and on her way down orgasm highway, but that would have been fucked up.  We ended up having a lovely night together.  Had I been spending time with a less trustworthy individual, things could have turned out much less copacetic.  My commitment to only hook up with women I actually love and respect probably saved me from a souvenir I prefer to avoid.



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